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What We Believe

“The world is changing ever faster, but we don’t just need need it to change – we need it to change for the better!

At Scope Group we see the pressing issues but also the tremendous business opportunities in solving social and environmental problems together with our partners (we don’t like the terms customers and vendors).

Only by collaborating, experimenting, innovating and learning fast can we get to the much in-demand solutions for today and tomorrow.

By providing partners with the right insights, competencies, processes and technology solutions, they are empowered to make a bigger difference to themselves and those they serve. At Scope, we empower those who make a difference to the world.

Dr Shariha Khalid, Executive Director & Founder

Our Story
Scope Group was established by Christoffer Erichsen & Dr Shariha Khalid in 2007....

Our Evolution

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